Ski Jump?

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No, it’s a high school design by the Austrian firm of coop-himmelblau. Located opposite the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels along the 101.


Looking Back

Looking towards to Arctic Ocean (North Pole)

Looking towards to Arctic Ocean (North Pole): It's almost 9pm.

This is probably a few months too late, but looking back at my whole trip, I really missed my travels around Scandinavia. It’s hard to say which city or country was my favorite as they all have their own distinct and unique features. However, the trip above the Arctic Circle was probably my most adventurous experience so far. Getting around without your own car can be quite difficult as there’s no rail line, one have to rely on the local buses and making sure you have the correct schedule to your connection for the next destination. It was a real pain in the ass, but the experience above the Arctic Circle was amazing. I’m not sure why and how to explain, maybe it’s because of the fact that Scandinavia is so far up north, sitting on its own, or perhaps it’s the mysterious glow of the midnight sun that has charmed me.

The ever changing northern skies

The ever changing northern skies. Taken around 11.00pm

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, originally uploaded by nicholasngkw.

In about a week and a half, I’ll be heading west to Los Angeles again as well as a trip to San Francisco. The last visit there was a short one, a preview of LA rather. With an existing image of LA in mind, I hope to uncover hidden gems and other interesting finds in the city of angels.



It has been a long journey and I’m glad to be at a place where I don’t have to run constantly. It’ll be a while till this blog gets updated as school begins real soon and I have no big travels anytime in the  near future, except for travels within New England, New York or  California. However, there will be a new blog dedicated to the abstraction of things I see in life. It’s still a work in progress and in the meantime, I’ll be revisiting this blog to fill in any gaps I might have left out now that I’m beginning to upload my pictures. Till then, I’m signing off for the weekend.



Being my second time in Paris (actually third, but the first one didn’t really count as I was only in the city for a few hours), I’ve began to like Paris more. Such a beautiful city, with its grand avenues, majestic buildings and this time, I was able to enjoy Paris in a quiet relaxing environment, as most of the local has gone off for holiday. It was a different side of Paris I’ve never seen before. I’m off the London now to spend a few days before heading off to Boston next week. Overall, it has been an amazing trip and Paris was definitely a good city to end my grand tour.


Lisboa (Lisbon) has been a great city. Chic, bohemian, edgy, and gritty, those are just a few words Lisbon portrays itself and walking around the city has also showed me the colorful and artistic side of Lisbon. With new urban development, modern infrastructures and facilities, Lisbon is also preparing its citizen for the future. It was unfortunate for me that I only spent a short time here as there are still much to know about the city, its culture and its citizens but that, however I'll leave it till next time. I've arrived at Paris today, and will be spending the rest of the week here.

Andalucia Spain

The region of Andalucia is quite captivating. With its mountainous backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, cities like Granada inspires the traveler to close their eyes and relive the past of the great muslim rulers who made Granada their sanctuary. Scents of citrus trees, exotic wildlife and sounds of water flowing through the fountains and pools in the palaces of The Alhambra in Granada stops the lone traveler, who is passing by the region in search of eden should look no further. I based myself in Sevilla, an hour away by train from Cordoba and three hours away from Granada. A visit to these three cities is a must for travelers visiting this part of Spain. Words can only describe the sights but one must be in presence to experience the sounds of horses' hoofs drawing the carriages on the city streets, the magnificent landscape and sounds of water flowing in the courtyards of the many palaces and churches around the region. All three cities are quite amazing on its own and doesn't fail to impress travelers who wants to experience a different side of Spain. I leave Spain for Portugal today inspired by its beauty, its culture and its architecture.